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ZIDUL / WALLED UP Cinemateca Online


Romania / 1975 / 118’ / color / Drama / AG / Digitalized version by The National Film Archive 

Directed by: Constantin Vaeni

Screenplay: Dumitru Carabăț, Costache Ciubotaru

With: Gheorghe Dinică, Gabriel Oseciuc, Victor Rebengiuc, Cornelia Pavlovici, Mitică Popescu, George Mihăiţă, Constantin Vaeni, Nicolae Radu

Produced by: Film House 5

The last legal printing works that published the "Free Romania" was closed down. Of his own free will, Victor, the son of a worker who was killed during a strike, is walled up in a secret room to continue printing the newspaper. He has a clever way of keeping in touch with his nearest, but he is otherwise secluded in a world of his own, and the only thing that helps him get over the moments of weakness is the belief in his mission. He goes on illegally printing the "Free Romania" until the country is liberated from the Nazis and his seclusion ends. But a Gestapo agent kills Victor in his very first hours of freedom.

The film premiered in Romania January 13th, 1975. It received Best Music Prize (Cornelia Tăutu), Best Sound Prize (Andrei Papp) and Best Editing Prize (Margareta Anescu) in the 1975 edition of the ACIN Awards. Also, it received Audience Award at International Meeting of Young Cinema, Bruxelles 1978.

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