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NexT Film Festival 2017

LGBT NexT Film Festival 2017

The 5 short films of the LGBT themed program dismantle the social constructs set on the male-female axis and redefine human relationships beyond heteronormative schemes. Exchanging different genres and registers, the proposed films challenge the most common preconceptions and dismantle them bravely, offering a diverse and inclusive discourse.

In Pedro, more important than what is being said is what isn’t: on the one hand, the son’s sexuality and on the other, the not so happy relationship of the mother and her current boyfriend. Call Your Father is the story of a first date between two men of different generations, the film using its circumstances to discuss the gay culture stereotypes from a comic perspective, while You Are Boring is an essay in which heteronormativity, gender binarism and queer culture become part of a discourse which denounces the hypocrisy of good morals and prudish attitudes. Beach Cat depicts the difficulties encountered by a young roller-skating woman when trying to find her own way towards a sports career in an environment lacking opportunities, challenging the problem of stereotyping same-sex couples by the collective mind of a patriarchal society and in Ana is coming back, Ana and her lover, Ines, become, for a friend’s boyfriend, a reason for misogynistic fetishizing of the sexual relations between two women.

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