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Lost Kids on the Beach

Lost Kids on the Beach Astra Film Festival 2020

Lost Kids on the Beach

Astra Film Festival 2020

Director: Alina Manolache
Duration: 1h 10m
Country: Romania
Year: 2020

"I am almost 30 and often I find myself wondering where I'd like to be at this age. When I was born in 1990, my parents were probably asking themselves completely different questions, while cradling an infant through the Romanian post-communist mayhem. What I remember from those first years is going on seaside vacations and hearing the speakers broadcasting info on the children that got lost on the beach. I never got lost, but I've always tried to imagine those who did. Now, the idea of looking for them starts to gain meaning, too. More than ever, I feel that we share a connection.” (Alina Manolache)


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