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Mumush Festival 1.0

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Location Date / Hour Price Order
Adrianu Mare, Adrianu Mare 3-7 Sep 2020 400 lei (support ticket - For those who really like what we do!)
320 lei (full pass - at the gate - Because we're only selling a limited number of tickets, this option may become unavailable in the futu)
268 lei (full pass - phase 2 - For people who want to know all of the artists and performers making an appearance at Mumush)
217 lei (full pass - phase 1 - If you're already sold by the very first artists we've announced)
Mumush Festival 1.0

MUMUSH is a work in progress. It is a vision of a world we build together with nature. It is a place for self-expression & conversation. A place for growth and creativity.

We want to create a community where we can find and repaint our inner Mumush together and use it to promote awareness, acceptance & sustainability. We want to create a place where we can start to let go of our fears together, to change ourselves & our future. We want to celebrate change & creativity through good vibes & good music, workshops, jams, conversation & chill.

We will not behave. We choose freedom. We do not want to conquer nature – we want to connect with it.

Respect Nature. Respect each other. Find your inner Mumush. Set it free.

You can support our work by purchasing a higher-priced ticket.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

All tickets offer the same experience: access to the festival grounds between the 3rd of September 2020; 3PM - 8th of September, 2020; 12PM; camping area, showers, toilets, free drinking water, possibility to participate at workshops (there may be certain workshops which will require registration beforehand, due to a limited number of spaces) and all activities.
We will not be selling daily tickets at the gate.

We will be selling only a limited number of tickets. If we are sold out, you will not be able to purchase tickets at the gate.

More info here: mumush.world

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