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Forever Young

NexT Film Festival 2017

Forever Young NexT Film Festival 2017

The Forever Young program brings short films which capture the intense moments of teenagers’ lives, in a constant oscillation between childhood and adulthood or spontaneity and grown up life. Not as cynical as an adult, but not as naïve as a child either, the characters of this program fascinate with the unpredictability of their revolts against rules, the candor and intensity of their love stories or the magnitude of their tangled paths towards becoming themselves.

Either talking about internalising grief after losing a loved one (Rest in Peace), about self-discovery through shy sexual encounters (Retrosex, Cosmos or Mutants), about complicated family dynamics (About the Birds and the Bees and Homebound) or about the rivalry of a medium in which the winner takes it all (Crack), the seven short films of Forever Young manage to transform the iconic key moments of a teen’s life into pure emotion.

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