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Arthouse Shorts

NexT Film Festival 2017

Arthouse Shorts NexT Film Festival 2017

Arthouse Shorts proves that short films are not a trivial genre, dedicated to filmmakers preparing for their feature film debut. This section's films are made by renowned art cinema directors, who have decided to return to the short format for one of their recent films. This is why Arthouse Shorts was created, so that these films would have a place in the festival's program: the filmmakers' names are too well known to appear on the competitors' list, but their films are too good to be missed.

The film Vapour (directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul) is a meditation with political subtext, on the camera's ability to reveal and hide at the same time. Set in the future, The Hunchback (directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Ben Rivers) is a dystopia that sheds light on the human nature's aggressivity: using the pretense of a corporation's team building, the protagonist risks ending up the victim of his own colleagues. The Hedonists (directed by Jia Zhang-Ke) is a comedy following three men's attempts of finding work after the mine where they used to work is shut down. Inspired by the story of the woman who built the Winchester House, popular thanks to its unfunctional architecture with doors leading nowhere and stairs ending up in the ceiling, Sarah Winchester, Ghost Opera (directed by Bertnard Bonello) depicts the controversial character's memory and the story behind this unusual building.

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