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The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil 


The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil  ONE WORLD ROMANIA #13

Vietnameză română, engleză

Title: Mùa cát vong
Director: Pham Thu Hang
Duration: 1h 36
Country: Vietnam, Filipine
Year: 2018

The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil

During the Vietnam War, which lasted between 1965 and 1975, the Quang-Tri province, situated on the border between North and South Vietnam, was subjected to the most relentless bombing campaign in the history of military wars, with its artillery of explosive exceeding that used during World War II. Five men who have spent their entire lives in this place, where the violent past silently makes its presence known, go about their days in languor, dictated by their daily activities and conversations, either heated, or filled with jokes and spontaneous bursts into song. Director Thu Hang Pham allows himself to get carried away by their friendship, acting here as a map for reminiscing and for their attempt to see around not just the burdensome legacy of the land, which not too long ago was being attacked by ten bombs per square metre, but also moments of bright and simple serenity, when the five of them laugh and eat together. (by Teona Galgoțiu)

Festivals and awards:  

  • Jean Rouch International Documentary Festival 2019 
  • Singapore International Film Festival 2018 - Best Director Award 
  • DMZ International Documentary Film Festival 2018 - World Premiere 
  • Docs Port Incheon 2017 - Doc Spirit Award

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