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National Competition I + Q&A

NexT Film Festival 2017

National Competition I + Q&A NexT Film Festival 2017

The 10 short films of the National Competition assemble an incredibly diverse program: student films, an experimental animation, comedies, family stories or love stories, told in a realist manner, in sequence shots or even playful takes.

In Ana Is Coming Home, Ana’s parents have divorced without telling their daughter who is studying abroad and decide to move back in together for as long as she stays home. While in Sex, pipe and omelette, Filip and Victor, neighbours and friends, are each attracted to the other one’s wife, in Two Nights in April a couple reccording all their conversations talk about sexual freedom and whether they should have it or not in their relationship. Having come back to Romania for a week, the protagonist of November tries to connect with his son and make up for the lost time, while The White Box is the company renting holo-decks in which different people take part in live experiences generated by their own subconscious, in the film with the same name. 


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