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Animusic Night - Special guest: Vergine Santa Frida

Animusic Night - Special guest: Vergine Santa Frida Animest.18

Animusic Night - Special guest: Vergine Santa Frida 18+


Duration: 3h 20m

Animusic is the Music Video competition of Animest, a collection of 27 films from 2022 and 2023. The screening will be spiced up by the show of IHOW - Imperial House of Waacking & drag queen Vergine Santa Frida, and ends with dancing in the foyer of the cinema.

The films in the Music Video Competition at Animest 2023 here.

Imperial House of Waacking is an international group or artists promoting Waacking dance style, which promotes and keeps alive the spirit of the disco era. The dance style appeared in the L.A. lgbt community in the 1960s and translates as glamour, freedom, energy and power. The Romanian IHOW artists consider dance as a means of expression, in between the political and the artistic, and their motto is DISCO’ OUR RELIGION.

Drag queen artist Vergine Santa Frida is inspired by the story of a graceful, warm, kind, glamorous, loving, activist woman, Diana Frances Spencer, known to the public as Diana Princess of Wales. “I felt and still feel inspired by her ability to power so gracefully through so much pain caused by the people surrounding her”, says the artist.

21:00 - Thursday, 12 October 2023

60 lei

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