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The Someș – Flux of ideas // Conference | Tranzit Days 2023

The Someș – Flux of ideas // Conference | Tranzit Days 2023

The Someș – Flux of ideas // Conference | Tranzit Days 2023

On Wednesday we talk about Someș, the river that flows through Cluj, an essential part of the city's natural landscape, an axis of the urban layout and also of the local imaginary. Over the years the interpretations and thematizations around the Someș river have been materialized in various interventions, the most numerous being "soft" ones, hundreds of artistic and ecological projects dedicated to this space, and others "hard", permanent ones. The rapidity with which the landscape around the Somes river changes often leaves us in a state of uncertainty and often confronts us with a fait accompli. Rarely do we have the opportunity to discuss the changing landscape. What is its impact on the social fabric of the city? How and in what ways is access to the riverbanks directed? What is the impact on the flora and fauna of this natural corridor? 

We'll discuss all this with our guests - architects, artists, activists, biologists and environmental specialists. 

The discussion is part of the training programme on architecture and urbanism proposed by the French Institute for members of its network in Europe.

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