Acting Out

Acting Out

Acting Out

a performance by Mihai Lukács

Based on interviews and articles with Esther Magyar-Gonda and Katia Pascariu

With Katia Pascariu

Scenography / costume / video: Miklósi Dénes and Miklós Szilárd Choreography: Sinkó Ferenc

Music: Oana Hodade

Assistant director: Jasmina Cloșcă

Producers: Dialectic Centre and Tranzit House

Tranzit House, 16 G. Barițiu Street, 21 and 22 June, 20:00

"Acting Out” revolves around the relationship between the artist and his body on stage, inspired by the revolutionary ideas of Esther Magyar-Gonda, a reference name in Romanian dance. Esther's life, characterized by political activism, passion for art and dedication to education, paints a picture of a complex artist whose existence was closely linked to important historical events and personal challenges. The performance explores in depth the connection between dance, the body, local histories and the sense of alienation. Dance is seen as an expression of labour and materialism, questioning traditional transcendent and visceral concepts of the body. Esther Magyar-Gonda, recognized for her innovative contributions to modern and contemporary dance in Romania, has developed a deep appreciation for gesture and expressive movement. Her personal struggle is mirrored in actress Katia Pascariu's relationship to her own history and her contestation of a certain style of theatricality and typical corporeality. The performance highlights the artist's resilience in the face of difficulties and her connection to performance art and education. The story combines the physicality of dance with wider social and economic contexts, and an understanding of movement and the body within a precise materialist framework.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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