Concert Silent Strike & Lucia & Muse Quartet

Concert Silent Strike & Lucia & Muse Quartet TIFF.22

Concert Silent Strike & Lucia & Muse Quartet


Silent Strike is one of the most important names in the Romanian electronic music industry. He has to his credit 6 LPs, 6 EPs, opening acts at concerts such as Faithless, Amon Tobin, Saul Williams, Bonobo, Venetian Snares, Recoil, Jazzanova or Kode9 and collaborations with elite artists from the local scene: Ada Milea, Alexandrina, Electric Brother, Sorin Romanescu, Subcarpați, CTC, Norzeatic and many others. At TIFF he will be accompanied by the Muse Quartet, a quartet that exercises its talent by constantly challenging its classical instruments in new musical collaborations. They have performed with Akua Naru, C.T.C., Golan, Alexandrina Hristov, Byron, Tomma Alistar and other big names.

Young indie/pop singer Lucia has just released her third studio album, "IMMERSIA".  Across five fresh and bold new tracks, she reaffirms her songwriting talent while diving deeper into the experimental side she only hinted at on her previous record, "Samsara". Each song has its own sonic identity, with carefully crafted layers and plenty of heart poured into them through Lucia's airy, fragile voice.

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