Mumush at Atelier w/ Balkalar [hr] | Ficture [hu] | Vekt | Dj Tance

Mumush at Atelier w/ Balkalar [hr] | Ficture [hu] | Vekt | Dj Tance

Mumush at Atelier w/ Balkalar [hr] | Ficture [hu] | Vekt | Dj Tance

For those who already miss the festival atmosphere and those who would like a taste of the Mumush feeling, we are creating an 8-hour window into our world, but in the heart of the city.

This party celebrates the launch of Early Bird tickets for Mumush 4.0 while offering an opportunity for anyone to discover or reconnect with our world.


The evening kicks off with the vibrant Balkan ethno music of Balkalar (HR). Their vivid creativity and contagious energy on the stage will let us dive back into the elevated vibration of a seemingly endless summer.

Our Croatian friend will be followed by Ficture (HU/SK), who till take us on to the next ride, with his unique and irresistible one-man-band live act. He will be leading us into the later hours of the night through drums and keyboards and machines, with refreshing elegance and entrancing beats.

Next, long-time friends of Mumush will serve you their fool-proof magic on the mixer: Vekt and Dj Tance (RO). Filling the latter half of those 8 hours, they both bring their unique perspectives, of house, deep house, oriental and tribal sounds.

A line-up so great will be surrounded by light design & decoration & visuals by the Mumush Crew, with great care to detail, and carefully put together to create the perfect atmospheric cocktail. And of course, good music deserves the best sound quality: KannonAudio will be making sure that every vibration sounds just right!

All in all, this occasion will be Our Mumush through and through. On the 19th of October, we open you a portal into something beautiful - see us create summer on the dancefloor, as the autumn leaves outside blush at the sight!

We Will Not Behave


50 RON Presale (100 pieces available from the 9th of October)

60 RON At the gate


Balkalar [HR]

Balkalar is a young ethno band focusing on balkan gypsy/ethno music.

Ficture [HU]

Live act of machines and acoustic drums. Producer of chilled weirdness.

Vekt [RO]

Producer and DJ of house, acid, deep house, oriental, tribal, downtempo, trip-hop, world music sounds.

DJ Tance [RO]

Sound by

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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