Some Birds

Some Birds TIFF.23

Some Birds

TIFF.23 - Hungarian Day

Section: Hungarian Day
Title: Valami madarak
Director: Dániel Hevér
Cast: László Szacsvay, Lilla Kizlinger, Péter Valcz, Adrienn Réti
Duration: 1h 33m
Country: Hungary
Year: 2023

Béla feels like the world is conspiring against him when his son places him in a nursing home. Here, he crosses paths with rebellious teenager Zoé, who has been sentenced to community service. While Zoé desperately tries to connect with her single mother, Béla wants to prove to everyone that he can live independently so that he can go home. Despite the almost sixty-year gap between them, their similarities and loneliness turn them into allies. Here is a tale of a friendship transcending age barriers, a tale which sheds light on the underrepresented social issue of how we process aging.

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