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National Competition II + Q&A

NexT Film Festival 2017

National Competition II + Q&A NexT Film Festival 2017

The 10 short films of the National Competition assemble an incredibly diverse program: student films, an experimental animation, comedies, family stories or love stories, told in a realist manner, in sequence shots or even playful takes.

All Rivers Run to the Sea depicts the absurd practicalities of Radu’s mother’s passing, the son having a hard time dealing with her death, while the rest of his family seem to have an opinion about everything. In Man on the Moon, N.’s life is changed by a call from an unusual fan of his pirate radio night show and Alex’s father has prepared a surprise for his son’s birthday: the first night with a girl in First Night. The friendship of three young women is put to the test when they have to move out of their shared apartment in Forevers, and a little boy asking for money, a rich old man praying for health, a soprano who converts to music a savage and many others are Humans in Frame.


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