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Animest VR Experience

Animest #14

Animest VR Experience Animest #14

Program 1 VR Competition

The VR Competition of Animest Romania. A trip into time and space, into childhood memories, into war, the challenge of finding one’s courage and a special perception of the body. 

Aripi / Wings – Moldova 2019, 7’05, dir. Dmitri Voloshin

Relation • Ship – USA 2018, 7’20, dir. Zoey Lin

Lightning: A VR Story – USA 2019, 13’57, dir. Jeremy Casper

Time Machine – Germany 2018, 2’20, dir. Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart


Program 2 VR Experience

Three short films about haunting monsters, fighting hallucinatory beasts, and abandoned dreams brought back to life. 

Shennong: Taste of Illusion – China 2018, 9’45

The Dream Collector – China 2017, 12’

Fresh Out – China/USA 2018, 6’45, dir. Sam Wey, Fangchao Tao


Program 3 VR Experience 

A medium-length film that pushes forward the sophistication of storytelling in virtual reality by reimagining cinematic language for this new medium.

The Great C – Canada 2018, 35’47, dir. Steve Miller

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