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YOU • TÓPIA@TNRS - Scena Digitala

YOU • TÓPIA@TNRS - Scena Digitala

YOU • TÓPIA@TNRS - Scena Digitala


Directed by: Florian von Hoermann and Edith Buttingsrud

Assistant director: Marcus Hinterberger

Scenography: Előd Golicza

Costumes: Zsófia Gábor

Music: Marin Grigore, Vlad Robaș

Video mapping: Dan Basu

Translation: Elise Wilk

Cast: Johanna Adam , Emöke Boldizsar, Yannick Becker, Daniel Plier, Daniel Bucher, Fabiola Petri, Lukas Redemann, Benedikt Häfner, Ana Tiepac, Ștefan Tunsoiu, Eva Frățilă, Patrick Imbrescu

Duration: 1h 30min

Premiere date: 24 October 2021

How does novelty come to be? What is novelty? And where does it stand in the relationship between the individual and their own language?

“you·tópia” is a multimedia project, a choreographic poem about the subtle relationships between the individuals of a community. The great avant-garde poetry of the last century is filtered through a special kind of choreographic and visual sensitivity, thus the creators of the project explore new forms of communication, representative for the modern man. Between the private and urban spaces of the collective neurosis, the paradisiacal, vegetal universes, and the post-humanist nightmares, the spectators embark in a psychedelic journey at the end of which they’ll glimpse a silver lining.

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