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Antisocial@TNRS - Scena Digitala

Antisocial@TNRS - Scena Digitala

Antisocial@TNRS - Scena Digitala


A show by Bogdan Georgescu

PROJECT MANAGER: Luminița Bîrsan

IN DISTRIBUTION: Andrei Gîlcescu, Cristina Blaga-Tomuș, Horia Fedorca, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Ștefan Tunsoiu, Ioana Cosma, Iustinian Turcu


Text developed through Active Art techniques together with the actors of the show - Cristina Blaga-Tomuș, Paul Bondane, Anton Balint, Călin Mihai Roajdă, Alexandra Șerban, Cristi Timbuș, Maria Tomoioagă.

Provincial high school, 2015, Romania. Students create a secret group on a social networking site. Teachers find out, infiltrate and expose. With the help of some students.

# freedom of speech # violation of privacy # trust # respect # comment # education system # dust # public space # foundry # slander # share # lack of professionalism # bribe # like # obsolete # dialogue @ any level # how far we are from the caves of which one did i go out # hashtag

Not recommended for under 15s

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