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ZANIAS live + Afterparty Zanias b2b Neu-Romancer & more

ZANIAS live + Afterparty Zanias b2b Neu-Romancer & more

ZANIAS live + Afterparty Zanias b2b Neu-Romancer & more

Since 2014, Zanias has existed as the unrepentant creative venture of Alison Lewis, born in Australia, raised in Southeast Asia, and also known for her vocal work with Linea Aspera, Keluar and a record shelf’s worth of collaborations with the likes of Black Rain, AncientMethods, Dax J and I Hate Models. 

As the sole custodian of Fleisch Records she spent many years attuning herself to Berlin dancefloors through the timely collision of techno and electronic body music, but her true passion is for understanding the modality of emotions through songwriting. 

Sound is her psycho-spiritual catharsis and philosophical exploration of existence, expressed through an intense and ethereal vocal performance, evocative melodies and heavy rhythmic components. With dark synth sounds at the fore, a pop sensibility commands the structure or her work, while authenticity and vulnerability subsume the core.

In 2023 Zanias will release her third full-length album ‘Chrysalis’, also produced entirely on her own and featuring the bass guitar work of her co-conspirator Laura Bailey aka Neu-Romancer, who now joins her on stage. The new album represents a huge step forward in her production style, and the truest expression of Alison’s musical spirit thus far, fusing futuristic and ethereal sound design with pop hooks and folk melodies. Zanias remains an ever-evolving expression of vulnerable and authentic emotional catharsis and philosophical exploration, unbound by any predetermined desire to Mit into any particular place. As with all her work from 2020 onwards, this new album shall be self-released on Fleisch Records. 

Neu-Romancer is the solo venture of Australian musician Laura Bailey, who’s razor sharp Italo production shines bright in her debut EP on Fleisch. Titled ‘Neue Romantika’, a nod to her Berlin relocation, these four tracks entangle the nostalgia of the New Romantics and the heartbreak of a not-so-far-off digital dystopia. ‘Neue Romantika’ brings oneself into the now, for a brief moment of synthesized beauty. The EP is closed out with an ethereal remix of the title track by ongoing collaborator and Fleisch custodian Zanias.

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