With 4 previous albums under his name, Romanian saxophonist Catalin Milea is one of the most creative in the East European scene, with a deep and varied book of original compositions. In a revolving world where things are moving at a fast rate, his new album TETRISMATIC is the reflection of our times. Only a few years have elapsed since the release of his last project, 2017’s Evocative, a duo album with a very different mood and sound. TETRISMATIC is an album of dynamic and engaging energy, that puts the focus on structures that are moving very fast, like the tetris game bricks, an engaging work as a composer and arranger.

A saxophonist with a deep and flavoured sound reminding of Joshua Redman or Joe Lovano, and a supple sense of swing, Milea leads a quartet featuring some of the finest musicians on the Romanian jazz scene.

The music of TETRISMATIC brings in a new style, both acustic și electronic, vintage and modern at the same time, without limitations, straight forward with elements of jazz rock. It can be compared with a cinematic soundtrack, with fast dynamic and mood changes, unespected and surprising as a game. The music is composed as recuring moving tetris pieces, so that you are floating in a sonic journey where the direction can change at any moment.

TETRISMATIC was released in January 2023


Catalin Milea - tenor saxophone, EWI (electronic wind instrument)

Liviu Negru - guitar

Adrian Flautistu - doublebass

Iulian Nicolau - drums

guest Ana Maria Rosu on vocals on Winloss and Jizznickery



Side A

1. Sal Negra 08:07

2. Holy Shift 03:33

3. Winloss 05:48

Side B

4. Game Over 04:18

5. Do the Trick 07:32

6. Jizznickery 06:32

All compositions by Catalin Milea, UCMR/ADA

Recorded by Victor Panfilov/Real Sound & Vision

Mixing by Codrin Lazar

Analog Mastering by Ieronim Pogorilovschi/StartRec Studios

Artwork by Alex Milea/www.Milea.Studio

Photos Vladimir Gheorghiu

Executive Producer: Catalin Milea

Label: Love Art Evolution


"Great jazz thrives in Romania with tenor saxophonist Catalin Milea at the forefront of the modern Transylvanian scene. His new album Tetrismatic has certainly won me over this early in the new year. Each track contains a different flavour with tints and tones from a cinematic soundscape - full of varied moods and meters. I like the way 'Do the Trick' morphs from reggae to rock then a straight-ahead 4/4 feel and on to Latin pulse, with Liviu Negru's guitar wailing out front. The drum and bass tandem of Iulian Nicolau and Adrian Flautistu offers a dependable foundation. Tetrismatic definitely mirrors our multi-layered and challenging times." (John Stevenson, journalist, UK - Arstasch)

“Eclectic, energetic melodies with transmutable progressions throughout - this contemporary jazz album blends worldly influences with its eastern European home ground and the result is a buzz for the senses." (Jonathan Hislop, producer, New Zealand)

"Pete de culori, melodii și armonii, ritmuri și sonorități cu apropouri din stiluri colaterale jazzului, ingrediente electronice presărate cu rafinament, vocea episodică tratată instrumental și integrată foarte inspirat in ansamblul timbral, solouri spectaculoase, țesături ritmice surprinzătoare. Toate aceste elemente se întâlnesc și creează un album tonic, plin de bucurie, care te îmbie să îl asculți fără întrerupere de la început până la ultimul sunet." (Sorin Romanescu, guitarist, România)

„TETRISMATIC” – un album ce demonstrează maturitatea conceptuală şi interpretativă a unui muzician român autentic, Cătălin Milea, dar şi a acoliţilor lui întru jazz. Un album care se cuvine ascultat şi reascultat, spre a pătrunde tot mai adânc în lumile de frumuseţi sonore pe care realizatorii lui le explorează perseverent. (Florian Lungu, jurnalist, România)

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