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Psychedelicious Fest

Festival Pass

Psychedelicious Fest Festival Pass

Psychedelicious Fest Tickets

Early bird tickets – 40 lei [first 50 tickets]

Pre-sale tickets – 50 lei [next 100 tickets]

Normal tickets – 60 lei

At the door tickets*:

Normal tickets – 70 lei

One-day ticket** – 40 lei

* Available only during the festival.

** The one-day ticket is available for only one day of your choosing and can be purchased only at the venue’s entrance. All the other ticket types are available for both days of Psychedelicious Festival.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/264849820754154/


Psychedelicious is an event platform for stoner, psychedelic and other related genres, that wants to build a community around this music and help artists spread their work, by promoting both local and foreign bands. The events are enjoyable for anyone who is interested in alternative rock, experimental projects with roots in analogue, old school 60s & 70s rock, groovy guitars, sexy bass riffs, howling drums and bluesy soulful vocals.

Fest Line-Up


Ladies and gents, get ready for some heavy stuff! Dope Smoker is a groovy three-piece stoner-doom band from South West Wales, United Kingdom, and boy, do they sound loud as hell! Their music flows incredibly well as it combines mellow grooves and metric-ton smoked up riffs. And did we mention they have plenty of head-turning riffs? Guess it’s not enough. Check them out:





RoadkilSoda is all about rock’n’roll: old school with a twist, low-end and lo-fi. The band’s sound is a trippy collection of ripping solos and pounding drums, heavy bass and a wicked voice, fast-paced and intense, so it can get the heartbeat racing. A perfect amalgam of elements that can get you high, and then let you come down with the next riff. The type of sound that makes you step on it when you’re driving straight to nowhere. A must-see, and definitely a must-listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KSz6zq_mtg&t=2497s





Straight from Lviv, Ukraine, we have the pleasure of introducing Sex Blender. Their music is instrumentally based, loaded with heavy sounds, ranging from psychedelia to space and stoner rock, all blended well with bluesy influences. Their debut album, “Hormonizer”, sounds like a really good trip from start to finish. But you can check it out for yourself: https://sexblender.bandcamp.com/releases





The cool Italian boys from Fry Days deliver an up-tempo flow of fuzzy chords and punk infused riffs, wrapped in a vocal and lyrical masterstroke. Their sound ranges from punk to blues rock, psych rock from the ’60 to hard rock and stoner, creating a raw and aggressive feel-good state of mind. Get ready to let your hips fly. Get to know the band:






Get to meet the bands from Psychedelicious.

First stop: Cardinal. This relatively new band are definitely on their way to many good things. The young and the restless boys from Cardinal create in their songs the perfect mix of garage rock, stoner and psychedelic. If you’re into low fi, fuzzy riffs and psych distortion, Cardinal will surely tickle your fancy. Have a listen: https://cardinal-band.bandcamp.com/





Purple Caravan are the fresh faces of the underground scene. Formed in 2017, Purple Caravan is a stoner hard rock band, with psychedelic and heavy metal influenced, based in Craiova, Romania.

With influences like 1000mods, Black Label Society and, of course, Black Sabbath, they just teased with a new song, “Sky in my bag”, a hard & groovy tune. Looking forward to hearing the new song. Find out more about the band:




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