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Ottis Cœur (FR) & Dimitri's Bats | Control Club | 22.06

Ottis Cœur (FR) & Dimitri's Bats | Control Club | 22.06

Ottis Cœur (FR) & Dimitri's Bats | Control Club | 22.06

Ottis Cœur is two girls who sing loud. They don't like abuse of power, cheesy schemes, jerks and their exes. Margaux, the sunny blonde and Camille, the mysterious brunette, don't need anyone. Meandering through soft verses and roaring choruses, the two electrons, freer than ever, gravitate around the same core: rock. Guitar, bass and drums in hand, the French duo rises from its ashes and turns its anger into power.

The meeting, early 2020 and the desire to never leave each other. March follows and its first confinement, the opportunity to go into exile in a remote corner of Loire-Atlantique. It is in a garage serving as a working space and room, that they improvise a music studio. Their collaboration is explosive, the room shakes with the sound of fuzz guitars, vintage tube amps pushed to saturation, voices harmonized in melodic flights. Like an evidence: Ottis Cœur was born.

Two or nothing: the creative process, the recording of the voices and all the instruments is done hand in hand. Advocating female emancipation, the tandem joins forces and gives life to the whole project. Margaux and Camille not only show a brilliant complicity, but also a true complementarity. The personality of one responds to the other, and it is especially in chorus that their songs vibrate, like "Je Marche Derrière Toi", first single with the appearance of an anthem.

The duet rises far from the alienating stereotypes on a background of frontal, psychedelic rock and wants to be heard. After all, rock doesn't only belong to men.


Dimitri’s Bats is an independent 5 piece band founded in 2017 in Bucharest, RO. A fresh sight on the Romanian indie/alternative scene, constantly blurring the lines between dancefloor beats and alternative riffs, blending together eclectic sounds and dark undertones into a unique vibe that will get anyone tapping along.

The debut EP “Mess” was released in late 2018. Over the next few years, the band released a bunch of standalone singles and music videos. 

The second EP “Monobloc” has just been released in early 2023 and it’s currently followed by a national and european tour.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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