Nat Osborn/Mike Parker Duo April '24 Tour - New York City

Nat Osborn/Mike Parker Duo April '24 Tour - New York City

Nat Osborn/Mike Parker Duo April '24 Tour - New York City

New Yorkers Nat Osborn and Mike Parker have been making music together for over 15 years. Since meeting in their university jazz ensemble, they've made their way from busking the streets of Budapest to playing famous clubs in New York City to headlining jazz festivals across Europe.

While most often seen performing together as a part of the jazz, rock, and soul powerhouse act ‘Nat Osborn Band’, when performing as a duo they take the opportunity to do something different. Parker puts down the electric bass for his preferred 'kontrabas' and Osborn switches out his keys for the acoustic guitar. The sound remains jazz-inflected but also incorporates Americana, blues, and folk, uniting their various musical influences.

Osborn is a fixture of the New York music scene, leading two bands:

‘Nat Osborn Band’ and the indie-folk group ‘Hawthorne’. Parker is a renowned bassist and bandleader/composer who heads multiple projects including Mike Parker’s Trio Theory and Mike Parker Quartet.

Osborn and Parker’s projects have independently released a multitude of albums while Parker played bass on Nat Osborn Band’s 2017 live album and their 2018 two sided single Roam/Drifting.

Whether together with the horn laden Nat Osborn Band or playing a more stripped down duo show, Osborn and Parker always bring vibrant energy and impressive musicality to the stage.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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