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Midas Fall [uk], Black Water [ro] & Raised By Swans [ca]


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Flying Circus, Cluj-Napoca Saturday, 25 November 2017 / 21:00 20.00 LEI (presale - acces general)
Midas Fall [uk], Black Water [ro] & Raised By Swans [ca] Concert

Midas Fall [uk]
Combining elements of electronica, folk, post-rock and alternative rock with progressive and gothic undertones, Scottish band Midas Fall have carved a distinctive and captivating sound, creating taut, shimmering soundscapes led by the hauntingly melancholic vocals of Elizabeth Heaton - a sound described as "powerful yet fragile, devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating" (The Founder Magazine).

Black Water [ro]
Synth-pop | Chillwave | Electrogaze | Ambient

raised by swans [ca]
Raised by Swans is the musical alias of Canadian solo artist Eric Howden



20 lei

25 lei at the door

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