JETLAGGED w/ Nastia, Marieeea, NTHR

JETLAGGED w/ Nastia, Marieeea, NTHR

JETLAGGED w/ Nastia, Marieeea, NTHR

Prepare for the ultimate turbulence as JETLAGGED returns on December 8th. We've hijacked the night to bring you a mind-bending experience with one the fiercest players in the game, Nastia, alongside young talents Marieeea and NTHR.


Nastia, the Ukrainian maestro, is unleashing a musical storm. As the label boss of Propaganda Records and NECHTO Records, she's known for turning beats into legends. Forget genres; she crafts experiences that defy expectations.



Marieeea, the London disruptor, is hitting you with a blend of house, tech-house, and hard techno. Her sets are an odyssey through electronic soundscapes, and her club wear brand, Naughty London, is as bold as her beats.



NTHR, the Romanian powerhouse, is the force behind SSS nights. His sets? Pure techno adrenaline. He's not here to play; he's here to leave his mark.




At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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