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FLUIDIAN - "minimal aural" // Resonances

FLUIDIAN - "minimal aural" // Resonances concert

FLUIDIAN - "minimal aural" // Resonances


FLUIDIAN - "minimal aural" - concert


The "minimal aural" concert proposes a contemplative, minimalist-textural sound journey and at the same time the rethinking/recreation of an imaginary sound space in a repetitive musical context.


Fluidian - guitar, electronics.



Fluidian (Emil Gherasim, b. 1973) composer, guitarist, sound artist. His creations include electro-acoustic instrumental music, music for theatre/film and contemporary dance, ambient-minimalist music and sound improvisations dedicated to visual art creations.

His music can be considered as very personal, deeply meditative with a great visual and textural minimalist impact realized in a specific improvisational manner.





The concert is part of REZONANȚE - New Music Program.




The mission of REZONANCES - New Music Program is to promote and disseminate regional and international contemporary music productions.

REZONANȚE aims to be a permanent point of cultural dialogue at local, European and international level.

REZONANȚE promotes contemporary musical theories as well as the development of local musical practice.

Organiser: Tranzit Foundation

Funders: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, Communitas Foundation, AFCN

Tranzit Foundation reserves the right to change the programme.

The concert is held in compliance with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

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