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Durușa Summer Hills Festival #10

Durușa Summer Hills Festival #10


Greetings, earthlings! We have now taken over your radioooo. Incredible as it may seem, it sure damn is.

We`ve got 10 on it! 10 mind blowing volumes of Summer Hills. 10 years of good music, amazing people and acts, that gave life and creative energy to these hills.

So yeah, you wonderful Durușa shapers, this calls for a proper celebration!

Keep those moves alive and let’s do this! Stay free, independent and true to yourself!

>> Check out the full lineup and program on www.summerhills.ro and follow @summerhills.ro on Facebook and Instagram for round the clock news & info. <<



DOWNHILL Parking is FREE (15-20 mins walk to the festival site).

Please mind that all parking areas are located on grass field and may not be suitable for certain car suspensions.



You can bring your ticket printed or on your smartphone. It will be scanned at the festival entrance and exchanged with a wristband. We kick off Friday, Aug. 23, at 12:00 at noon.


PRESALE | 3 DAY FESTIVAL PASS – 110 lei  (ca. 24 Eur) | Full Access EARLY BIRD – Available until August 20. 

PRESALE | 3 DAY FESTIVAL PASS – 170 lei  (ca. 36 Eur) | Full Access LAST DAY – Available between August 21-23. 

PRESALE | UPHILL PARKING TICKET – 100 lei (ca. 22 Eur) | Only 60 tickets available due to rough terrain and limited parking area.  Valid for one entry! (2 mins walk to the festival site)


ON THE SPOT | 3 DAY FESTIVAL PASS – 170 lei (ca. 36 Eur)| Full Access

ON THE SPOT | 1 DAY FESTIVAL PASS – 80 lei (ca. 17 Eur) | Only starting Saturday from 10 AM

ON THE SPOT | UPHILL PARKING TICKET – 100 lei (ca. 22 Eur) | If there will be any available tickets left. Valid for one entry!