n u c l e u s

Sound art performance

at the interface of humans and technology

by U:KUSTIK / Ulrich Schleicher



nucleus is a performative soundscape based on my physical movements. The fields of human & machine, digitization & social change as well as questions in the field of artificial intelligence up to "critical data studies" are part of my current artistic exploration.

Musically located in the environment of ambient & drone, in combination with field recordings that follow the principle of a live sound design, nucleus represents an interacting-associative variable in a digitally dissolved reality of life. A metaphysical balancing act between creative potential & data flood, society & individuality.


As part of the formation Kabelquartett, I was able to present my idea of acoustic guitar as part of an electronic ensemble at the OFFF Design Festival Vienna in 2018. Together, we produced the sounddesign for the opening titles of the festival: www.vimeo.com/294352464

To further deepen my knowledge in the field, I attended the university courses Acoustics & Design at the NDU St. Pölten, as well as Sound Engineering at the Triagon Academy Vienna. After that, I focused on the topics of sound art in the digital space, room acoustics and open-source sound programming. Worth mentioning are my solo concerts in the USA in 2019, participation as an interpreter in "Atlas der gesamten Musik und aller angrenzenden Gebiete" by Georg Nussbaumer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as part of Wien Modern 2019, and the sound installation "reality<>filters" as part of the exhibition "Extinction Of The White Elephant" in Timisoara 2021.


At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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