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Caspian Live

Caspian Live Opening act: Ștefan Panea [Environments]

Caspian Live

Opening act: Ștefan Panea [Environments]

Caspian live @ Control Club // 03.05.2018 // tickets: 50 lei


Caspian is a rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts, a seaside town 20 minutes north of Boston. Most of the time no one sings. Sometimes we play heavy, other times quite soft. We always try to play with heart. So far we have recorded four albums. The process is always evolving - Thanks for exploring it with us.

CASPIAN has performed over 800 concerts, bringing their music to 40+ countries stretching over 4 continents.

The band released their latest albim, Dust and Disquiet, in September 2015.

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