Sugar and Stars

Sugar and Stars TIFF.23

Sugar and Stars

TIFF.23 - Film Food

Section: Film Food
Title: A la belle étoile
Director: Sébastien Tulard
Cast: Riadh Belaïche, Loubna Abidar, Jean-Yves Bertheloot, Pascal Légitimus
Duration: 1h 50m
Country: France
Language: fr
Year: 2023

Ever since he was a little boy, Yazid has dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. Moved from one foster home to another, nothing predestined him for such a career. Yazid’s indomitable determination and resourcefulness have proven priceless in helping him succeed in the elitist arena of patisserie.
Working for the world’s top chefs from Paris to Monaco, he strives to become the best and to fulfil his dream of winning the international pastry championship. Based on real events.

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