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The Campaign

The Campaign TIFF.20

The Campaign

TIFF.20 - Zilele Filmului Românesc

Section: Zilele Filmului Românesc
Title: Berliner
Director: Marian Crisan
Cast: Ion Sapdaru, Sorin Cociş, Ovidiu Crisan, Petru Ghimbăşan, Maria Jungheţu
Duration: 1h 35
Country: Romania
Year: 2020

Viorel, a quiet, upright tractor driver from a small town in west Romania meets Mocanu, a high profile politician campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament. Mocanu’s car has broken down nearby and Viorel and his wife welcome the politician into their humble home. Under investigation for corruption, Mocanu sees an opportunity and decides to stay with this modest family during the rest of the campaign, winning people’s hearts by posing as a common man next to his “old friend”, the honest, hard-working farmer. In return, Viorel will get a new tractor.

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