[ANULAT] Lauryn Hill live in Sofia, Bulgaria

[ANULAT] Lauryn Hill live in Sofia, Bulgaria Concert

[ANULAT] Lauryn Hill live in Sofia, Bulgaria


UPDATE: Concertul Lauryn Hill programat pe 15 iulie la Sofia a fost anulat. Cei care au cumparat bilete online de pe Eventbook.ro sunt rugati sa verifice e-mailurile folosite la inregistrarea pe site pentru detalii despre returnarea banilor. Cei care au cumparat bilete prin Librariile Kyralina si Anthony Frost sunt asteptati pana pe 7 august la punctele de vanzare pentru a isi recupera banii. Refundul se face pe baza predarii biletului intact. Pentru intrebari va rugam sa folositi adresa office[at]eventbook[punct]ro.

Declaratie Phat Bride:

"Open letter to purchase tickets for upcoming concerts Phat Bride, media partners and all who are interested directly or indirectly in the future of the platform.

Concerts Ms Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Jam Baxter, RA The Rugged Man, Reverie and Infected Mushroom will not occur. The whole music program Phat Bride Productions falls.

In view of the emerging debate on the reasons we have to clarify things bluntly. Due to financial loss for the year (a huge contribution to the concert MOS DEF), just we do not have the strength to continue. We are not able to cover the costs of the upcoming appearance of Lauryn Hill, without jeopardizing money from the fans in case of failure of a subsequent event. To avoid deep penetration, which was necessarily trying to develop more alternative scene and sub-cultural environment in Bulgaria, we decide to say stop now. Do note that no hint of a lack of cultural activity in the country and the low purchasing power of the viewer to the fees of these artists: people have no money and we can not blame them for that.

We decide to stop his concert activity now when we can still provide full return on each ticket and not to risk more. We want to thank everyone who lived with Phat Bride over the past three years and enjoyed everything that happens alongside us, the people who got to know us and helped us and those who hinder us, because without them, we would to get to Duke.

After payment of all tickets, which will be complex and will take some time, Phat Bride will return to the market, but categorically state that no longer deal with concert activity (or at least until the economic climate in the Balkans does not change). We can deal with exhibitions, performing arts, production activities, publishing or even cinema .. but will not promote in the way we did before.


Legendara Lauryn Hill ajunge vara aceasta in Sofia, Bulgaria, pentru un concert-eveniment in Europa de Est organizat de Phat Bride pe 15 iulie la Arena Armeec Open Air.

In Romania, biletele pot fi achizitionate prin Eventbook.ro la urmatoarele categorii de pret:

Fanzone [acces general]:

130 lei [super earlybird]
150 lei [early bird - 2000 de bucati]
165 lei [late presale]

Front of stage [in fata scenei]:

190 lei - numar limitat

*Prin parteneriatul cu Phat Bride, toti cei care achizitioneaza bilete la concertul Lauryn Hill prin Eventbook vor primi din partea echipei un e-mail cu detaliile de acces si program, in limba romana, cu aprox. o saptamana inaintea evenimentului.

Pentru alte intrebari, ne puteti contacta pe office[at]eventbook[punct]ro.

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Prin Eventbook.ro poti comanda bilete oriunde in tara in sistem print-at-home, platind cu cardul, cash la orice oficiu Posta Romana sau Banca Transilvania sau ramburs. 

Biletele fizice pot fi cumparate si de la Librăria Engleza "Anthony Frost" (Calea Victoriei nr. 45) sau de la Libraria Franceza "Kyralina" (George Enescu nr. 8) sau comandate online cu livrare prin curier oriunde in tara.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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