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un spectacol de Florin Fieroiu @STAGIUNEA CORP

URBAN GIF SHOW un spectacol de Florin Fieroiu @STAGIUNEA CORP

Urban GIF Show is an innovative performance about the city and the way the body is moving in it. Having as starting point two contemporary terms and two already well-known practices, especially when speaking about social media – JPG and GIF, the show analyses the role of the human body and the way in which we move in the city and through our everyday life, using a combination of unique artistic techniques.


The public will rediscover gestures of our daily routine in the city, actions that have their origins in the most common everyday life activities, recomposed and reformulated from an unique artistic perspective.


Urban GIF Show brings a new type of performative experience, using a new artistic practice, inspired by the tools used by animation software – the sequencer, that becomes a virtual tool, a kind of corporal self-programming tool for the performers.


Concept: Florin Fieroiu

Music: Vlaicu Golcea 

Costume and stage design: Cristina Milea

Urban poems: Elise Wilk 

Video: Ioana Ilaș Bodale & Mircea Ilaș

Performers: Nicoleta Lefter, Alexandra Mihaela Dancs, Paul Cimpoieru, Denis Bolborea, Simona Dabija, Vlaicu Golcea

Photo credit: Andrei Gindac 



A TEATRELLI production – 2019.


Access to this event is free, but reservations are mandatory on Eventbook -  https://eventbook.ro/program/stagiunea-corp




Urban Gif Show is presented within THE BODY SEASON @ONLINE, an AREAL project.

THE BODY SEASON @ONLINE is a project initiated by Andreea Belu PFA, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Indie Box, PETEC Association, Delazero Association, in partnership with Goethe Institute, Creart through Teatrelli, Austrian Cultural Forum, National Dance Center Bucharest, Tangaj Dance & Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, European Dancehouse Network. This project is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project is not a representation of the views of the National Cultural Fund Administration. The National Cultural Fund Administration is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way in which the results of the projects could be used. The beneficiary of the funding is the sole responsible for the above mentioned.


The price of an access ticket for the performances and movies presented within THE BODY SEASON@online is 10 lei, except for the events on November 13th, for which the access is free, but the reservations are mandatory. The schedule of the events is available at www.arealcolectiv.ro or directly on Eventbook at https://eventbook.ro/program/stagiunea-corp

AREAL - space for choreographic development is a collective project which aims at increasing the cohesion of the Romanian contemporary dance community, widening and diversifying the audience of this cultural sector, encouraging mobility and interconnection of those who are active in the field of performative arts, through creating a space for artistic processes. AREAL emerged in 2020 in the frame of 4 Bodies - Collective for Dance, a cultural programme co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

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