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REALITY SURFING // Beyond Touring // performance + artist talk

REALITY SURFING // Beyond Touring // performance + artist talk

REALITY SURFING // Beyond Touring // performance + artist talk


Beyond Touring program explore new forms of artistic experiences and ways to encontering the people around the artistic works. We take our time to get acquainted with the local public and artistic groups.  We reflect upon the context and space in which the presentation are taking place.  

We propouse a multi-day programme for meeting PYL artistic collective and presenting their work. We invite you to their performance, an artist talk and a open workshop. 




Friday, 27th of May, 19:00-20:00

Reality Surfing is non-narrative visual performance, which proposes to the audience to experience an alternative model of coexistence of people and inanimate entities. It discovers new relations between daily objects through their materiality and presence in one space, which gain an equivalent value as presence of a human body



Friday, 27th of May, 20:15-21:00

After the performance we invite you to meat the artists behind REALITY SURFING and the producers from TERĒN - pole performativního umění. We imagine a light and open talk about the process, themes and questions of piece. Anybody is welcome to take part.  



PYL is an international collective of artists who devise together in the field of postdramatic theatre, visual arts, sound and intermedia. Their practice explores the borders of anthropocentric perception in a dialog with objects and ironic attempts to grasp nonhuman agency. Through application of DIY methods, recycling and compilation principles, the group develops its own visual language, which extends the meanings of scenography far beyond the theatre stage. Their works shift cultural codes, contexts and origins of regular things, while transforming objects to beings and beings to objects. Sensitivity towards the dailiness, sharing moments and personal experiences in non- linear and playful ways transmit on the group’s associative approach on coworking process.

Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist, curator and performer. His audio visual installations connect the areas and tools of art, technologies and science. He often brings about the topic of ecology and through the application of the technological attitudes to nature he reflects the environmental issues. His works involve video-performances, documentary and interactive installations, intermedia and documentary projects as well as the musical compositions. He is one of the founders of the artistic non- profitable organization yo-yo, the initiator of the project RurArtmap. He acts as an external educator in the Centre of Audio-visual Studies at FAMU in Prague and at Prague City University.


The work will be first time presented in Romania at Tranzit House as part of the Beyond Touring: Reality Surfing and Insider tour project at Tatwerk, Terén and Tranzit Foundation. The program is implemented with the support of the Creative Europe Perform Europe program.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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