The Importance of Doing

The Importance of Doing Fabian Wixe

The Importance of Doing

Fabian Wixe

Workshop for professionals

Teacher BIO:

Fabian Wixe:

Swedish-born, Fabian trained as a circus performer in London at the Circus Space (2004-2006), then continued his studies at Le Lido in Toulouse (2006-2008), specializing in Chinese Pole.

After graduating he joined French circus company ’Collectif AOC’ (2009-2015) for several productions (’Autochtone’, ’Un Dernier Pour la Route’, ’les Vadrouilles’.)

In 2010 he began working with the international theatre company OBRA, with who he is now a core member, and created and toured ‘Gaudete’. Their latest production ’IBIDEM’ premiered in 2019.

In 2011 he started ’Project i19’ together with dancer Marie Wårell, and toured their performance ’layers’ internationally (2013-2014). Their second production ’Birds (come back to bones), now under the umbrella of ’Dansinitiativet’ premiered in April 2018.

In 2018/2019 he choreographed the piece ’New Sites’, commissioned by Theater Bielefeld, Germany. The piece went on to win the prize for best show at the KING Festival in Novgorod 2019.

Fabian Wixe has worked extensively across Europe and the world as both a solo performer and teacher. His current pedagogy is focused on floorwork and Flying Low, as well as developing the practice of OBRA Theatre Co.

Workshop Description:

“The class will be dedicated to technical and physical training; a mix of Flying Low (DZ) and other floor work. I will also propose choreographic material with a focus on increasing speed and precision.

I want to explore listening through the physical work, listening to the group and to oneself within a group, and how energy can be re-cycled and shared. Run with your heart rather than with your feet (they will follow).

We will also work through improvisation and composition; moving together, creating a space where we practice, explore, perform, and ’fail’ without judging ourselves or others. I would like to create an environment in which we can be inspired and inspire each other, a place to see each other and to let ourselves be seen.

In terms of compositional work I would like to share methods of working used and developed within the productions ’Birds (come back to bones)’ and ’New Sites’. The methods aim to remove the need for inspiration in order to be able to work, to give you tools to bypass your own sense of judgment in the creative process, and to use what you know to shape what you don’t know yet.”

25-29 Aprilie 2024, 10:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 16:00

1050 lei

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