TSAR B (BE) | Control Club

TSAR B (BE) | Control Club

TSAR B (BE) | Control Club

Belgian artist Tsar B returns to Romania – November 3, at Control Club – to promote her second album, to the stars.

Tickets are now available via Eventbook.ro.

* Presale: 65 lei (first 100 tickets). Afterwards, the price will go up to 80 lei per ticket.

Over the past years, Tsar B aka Justine Bourgeus has picked the fruits of artistic freedom to her heart’s leisure, often bridging sonic concepts into visual mediums such as film, dance and fashion. In the wake of her debut LP The Games I Play and 2020 EP Unpaintable, Bourgeus polished off high-profile collaborations with the likes of Alexander Chung, Oscar and The Wolf and Nova Twins. Last year, she (quite literally) inhabited one of Salvador Dalí’s legendary cookbooks for the stunning concert film Les Diners de Gala. On top of that, Bourgeus emerged as a sought-after film composer and producer for emerging artists.

Tsar B’s second album to the stars is a space adventure of endless departures and returns. The Belgian artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist rearranges the DNA of pop, early baroque music and club beats into a rush of life at a breakneck velocity, teeming with astonishment, devotion and curiosity.

Starting her career as a violinist in several bands, Tsar B became Bourgeus’ vehicle for exploring visceral emotions through electronic composition in open-hearted, intuítive ways. On to the stars her classical background and instincts as a producer coalesce into joyous pop deconstructions that defy easy categorization.

“There are some records that are so dark and so forward-thinking that you wonder if they could have ever been made by a human. Tsar B‘s debut EP – a twisted mess of threatening violins, off-kilt chord progressions and distorted vocals – is one of them” – NME

“The self-taught producer and classical violinist will bring a touch of the otherworldly to the seaside with her stark, brooding and forward-thinking electronic pop” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Churning R&B beats, pitched-down effects and sighing vocals that curl around like sweet pipe smoke” – The Fader

Tsar B – underwater (video) : https://youtu.be/1_tUQxO9Es0


At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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