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TIFF Picnic

TIFF Picnic Concert: Nightlosers, Trio Ardealul | Screening: Eagles from Țaga

TIFF Picnic

Concert: Nightlosers, Trio Ardealul | Screening: Eagles from Țaga

An evening in nature with music, films and Transylvanian flavours! We start at 5PM with a picnic prepared by the Transylvanian Gastronomic Club. At 8:30 we are joined by Nightlosers & Trio Ardealul and when darkness falls we watch Eagles from Țaga (d. Adina Popescu, Iulian Ghervase, 2023), a documentary part of the Romanian Days competition at TIFF.22.

5 PM - Picnic

8:30 PM - Concert 

Nightlosers & Trio Ardealul

NIGHTLOSERS play Ardelen blues, an ethno-blues constructed as a postmodern musical display, in which the serious chords of American blues are peppered with Romanian or Hungarian ethno-interventions.

Trio Ardealul is composed of:

Emil Mihaiu - probably the best violinist in the Gherla area.

Zenu Zanc - plays the braci aka violin

Pusztai Aladár - plays the agorduna aka double bass

Eagles from Țaga

dir. Adina Popescu, Iulian Ghervase, 2023

His team is defeated game after game, but Nelu, a football manager from a village in Transylvania, does not give up. After each loss, he starts all over again because his duty gives him a sense of self-worth. Winner of the Best Directing Award (the Romanian competition) at the 2022 Astra documentary film festival!

17:00 - Tuesday, 13 June 2023

50 lei

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