Romano Drom

Romano Drom After w/Ihmai Isuav

Romano Drom

After w/Ihmai Isuav

Romano Drom | Ihmai Isuav | Atelier Cafe // 24.02

Locatie: Atelier Cafe, Cluj Napoca

For more than twenty years Romano Drom have been torch-bearers for contemporary gypsy musical culture. This sublime new chapter in their musical journey lays down a fitting anniversary marker, as the five-piece band continues to explore the music of the Hungarian Olah gypsies and revive it in new and unexpected ways.

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Romano Drom
World | gypsy music | Hungary
Romano Drom means ‘gypsy road’ in the Romani language, and since the band’s foundation in 1999, they have travelled the four corners of the world, captivating audiences with their unique brand of gypsy heritage. Led by Antal Kovács who co-founded the group with his late father.
Singing in their Romani mother tongue, the band’s music is characterized by an energy and heartfelt integrity all its own, as they continue to build bridges between their down-trodden ancestry and contemporary music.
Hungarian folk music is renowned for its vocal games, and central to the band’s sound is the traditional method of vocal jousts and interplay with rolling onomatopoeic sounds called “szájbögözés” and “pergetés”. Throughout the album, the band ingeniously mix sentences with scats to replace instruments on dance tunes. This can be heard to great effect in many of the upbeat numbers such as the title track ’Mol Mangav / Give Me Wine’, adding an unmistakable character and good-time vibe to the music.
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