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Roadkill Soda // Sinoptik: Stoner Extravaganza LIVE @Capcana

Roadkill Soda // Sinoptik: Stoner Extravaganza LIVE @Capcana


****Roadkill Soda******
"This fall, we will be back on the road for our longest European tour 'till now, alongside our friends from SINOPTIK. So, get ready for some riff-fueled rock'n'roll grooves! ⚡"

RoadkillSoda’s sound is a trippy collection of ripping solos and pounding drums, heavy bass and a wicked voice, fast-paced and intense, so it can get the heartbeat racing.
Old school with a twist, 1970’s rock and roll influence with a dash of grunge. A perfect amalgam of elements that can get you high, and then let you come down with the next riff. The type of sound that makes you step on it when you’re driving straight to nowhere.

• [2017] // Mephobia // ( CD & Vinyl)
• [2016] // Space Echo & Time // (Vinyl)
• [2014] // Yo No Hablo Ingles // (2CD & Vinyl)
• [2013] // Oven Sun // (CD & Tape)
• [2011] // A Fucked Up Trip Gone Bad // (Tape)

"October will become the beginning of our STONER EXTRAVAGANZA EUROPEAN TOUR 2018 during which we're gonna share a road and a stage with our Romaninan stoner friends Roadkillsoda. This trip will be a mix of pure energy, insanity and music for sure. "
Formația reprezintă 3 generații de rock'n'roll în una singură, cu soundurile anilor '60 și până în 2000, cu tonuri rock psihedelice, old-school rock și stoner digital. Conceptul creativ al celor de la Sinoptik se referă în special la versurile delicate și la exploziile și imploziile sonore. Combinând energia cu frumusețea, chitările distorsionate cu efectele sonore cosmice ale clapelor, Sinoptik a participat la festivaluri precum Sziget, Reading (Uk), The Best City (Ua - 2012, 2013), GogolFest (2014, 2015), Global Battle of the Bands Ukraine, Fan-Zone Euro 2012, Respublica Fest 2015 Shid Rock 2015, Z-Games 2015. In Romania trupa a avut deja doua turnee si a deschis pentru Whitin Temptaion la Artmania Bucharest Blast, au fost prezenti la Blaj Alive si acurand vor deschide concertul Marilyn Manson la Kiev.