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Mumush Festival 1.0

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Adrianu Mare 19-23.08.2021 268 lei (full pass - phase 2)
320 lei (full pass - phase 3)
400 lei (support ticket)
Mumush Festival 1.0

MUMUSH is a work in progress. It is a vision of a world we build together with nature. It is a place for self-expression & conversation. A place for growth and creativity.

We want to create a community where we can find and repaint our inner Mumush together and use it to promote awareness, acceptance & sustainability. We want to create a place where we can start to let go of our fears together, to change ourselves & our future. We want to celebrate change & creativity through good vibes & good music, workshops, jams, conversation & chill.

We will not behave. We choose freedom. We do not want to conquer nature – we want to connect with it.

Event details
Date: 19 - 23 August 2021

Gates open on the 19th of August Event ends on the 23rd of August

Mumush is for everybody, but those under 18 can only enter with adult supervision.

If you want to contribute to this event in a different way (activities, workshops, lectures, vendors, etc.) do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Respect Nature. Respect each other. Find your inner Mumush. Set it free.

The Mumush Crew

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