Kadjavsi - new song release I Control Club

Kadjavsi - new song release I Control Club

Kadjavsi - new song release I Control Club

What started as a solo sound design experiment in 2017 has now turned into a six-member band with an alternative pop-rock repertoire and a full album independently released last year. Kadjavsi had their first live show this year in March, in a jazzified split alongside local band Tajnic Trio, and continued to play throughout the year like so.

Now, the band becomes its own thing and is eager to play their first concert in this formula. With songs like Paperkite and Fever Dream, which were never before performed on stage, their debut album Second Sun is a nine track release about the foolish and youthful turmoils of love and deceit. While overly ambitious, mostly ironic yet fully committed, singer-songwriter Nikita Dembinski pours his heart out with the help of co-producer and guitarist Luca Calaras. Joining them on stage are violonist Constantin Mușat, bass player Laura Benedek and guitarist Lucas Contreras, grooving on the rhythms of Horia Stanciu, the band’s drummer.

Drawing inspiration from bands like the infamous Strokes, UK’s eclectic Squid and quite literally any of Thom Yorke’s projects, Kadjavsi wants to reminisce something that has never happened before, but will take place on the 7th of December at Club Control – the release of their new song, Castillo. You can listen to Kadjavsi’s debut album, Second Sun, through linktree.com/kadjavsi.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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