hackedepicciotto / Alone In the Hollow Garden

hackedepicciotto / Alone In the Hollow Garden

hackedepicciotto / Alone In the Hollow Garden

„hackedepicciotto“ are Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto.  

Alexander Hacke is original member and the bass player of Einstürzende Neubauten. Danielle de Picciotto is the co-initiator of the Berlin Love Parade, a collaborator of the electronic Ocean Club & Monika Werkstatt project with Gudrun Gut; former member of cult band Crime & The City Solution and Alexander’s partner in crime. She is also a visual artist.

hackedepicciotto glide across genres that take in cinematic drone, industrial, experimental and spoken word that shift between meditative sung harmonies with soundscapes to heavy drones and meteoric, vivacious symphonies comparable to a perfect mixture of OM, Suicide, Dead Can Dance, Low and Arvo Pärt. 

hackedepicciotto have a long history of collaborations  in their music (Mick Harvey, Lustmord, Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca Ensemble), The Tiger Lillies, Kid Congo, Julee Cruise). 

The couple has released seven albums, the last one “Keepsakes” was released by MUTE records in September 2023. “Keepsakes” is a collection of midtempo pieces with a newly added touch of heavy jazz beats and is based on personal stories & remembrances. 


Conceived in the spring of 2013 as a Tanz Ohne Musik side-project, Alone In The Hollow Garden represents a revival of Dan Serbanescu's former ritual ambient aesthetics which began to manifest in the middle of the 90's, this time aided live at a visual level by Luna Video Artist's hypnotic and timeless imagery.

Alone In The Hollow Garden's sound alchemy arises as the presence of the primitive transcendental purity of vibration mixed with the expressive possibilities of "modern" technology. The vibrational exuberance of traditional acoustic sources including wind, percussion, string and ritual instruments is merged with a wide spectrum of analogue and modular synthesizers and with a series of self built piezo based experimental devices, all linked by the esoteric power of voice and chanting.

Alone In The Hollow Garden is meant to be a reminder of the creative power of the all encompassing cosmic consciousness transmitted through sound and vibration, being at the same time an offering which can support the listener in ritual, contemplative or meditative states or practices.




At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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