7TH SENSE - 'Light In Chaos' Album Launch

7TH SENSE - 'Light In Chaos' Album Launch

7TH SENSE - 'Light In Chaos' Album Launch

7th SENSE is one of the youngest and most appreciated jazz bands from Romania, achieving to build a solid image around the local and national jazz scene. They combine fresh jazz compositions with groove driven music and improvisation, all of which can be heard on their debut album ‘Light in Chaos’, which was released in June 2022. The journey they’ve been on has thought them that no matter how hard times can get, there is always a light we can cling onto in the chaos that is surrounding us. Thus, the wish to bring a ray of hope and convey this message with the audience has become an important part of their music and identity as a band.

You will be drawn in to hop along their journey, discovering a multitude of influences ranging from soul, nu-jazz to electronic and world music.

“Join us on the 14th of November as we’re playing our biggest concert to this day and get the full live experience of our debut album ‘Light in Chaos’. It’s going to be a beautiful night celebrating our journey, the ups and downs, the light and the chaos that brought us all together to this point. You will be immersed in our story and you will actively take part in it.

We put the most amazing line-up with artists together, old friends and new friends that will share the stage with us for the very first time. From Bucharest to Bogotá, from London to Caracas. It’s all about community and being together and lifting each other up. That’s what this whole album is about and we can’t wait to share our story with you. We are extremely excited and this has been our dream since the very beginning and now we’re actually here and we made it happen.

Be there, spread the word, bring all your friends, it’s going to be huge. Love and light!”

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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