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Mr Ibrahim and The Flowers of Coran@TNRS - Scena Digitala

Mr Ibrahim and The Flowers of Coran@TNRS - Scena Digitala

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt  & Théâtre Rive Gauche


By: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Directed by: Anne Bourgeois

With: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Stage design: Nicolas Sire

Light design: Laurent Beal

Music: Jacques Cassard

Paris, the 1960s. Momo, a twelve-year-old Jewish boy, befriends the old Arab grocer in Rue Bleue to escape a loveless family. But appearances are deceiving: Mr. Ibrahim is not Arab, the Rue Bleue is not blue and ordinary life may not be so ordinary...

This is the tender and funny story of an outspoken kid and the Arab grocer on his street. How do you escape loneliness and the curse of misfortune? How do you learn to smile? This is a text that has traveled the world, published in 50 countries, performed many times in all these languages, studied in colleges and high schools. History comes alive here exceptionally interpreted by its author.

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