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John, not Valiant

John, not Valiant

John, not Valiant

How much loss do we suffer in our lives? A friendship ends, a partner breaks up, a loved one dies, we graduate from school, we quit our jobs. All of these are losses, and all of them involve grief.

In our ever-changing game, John is not valiant, we bring a new perspective to the character of John, the valiant everyone knows and loves. John is remembered as a valiant hero who, despite all loss and hardship, overcomes the obstacles that stand in his way with strength, cunning and creativity. But there is one thing he does not count on. That when he returns to his village to find the meaning of his life, Iluska, she will no longer be waiting for him. What solution will John find to the situation? Will he fight another battle to reach Fairyland? But where exactly is this Fairyland?

The participants of the performance are invited on a journey together, where we can reinterpret John's losses (and even our own) in a theatre play.

Date of the performance: 24 September 2023, Cluj, Tranzit House, 16 George Baritiu Street

Venue: Tranzit House

Age limit: 10+

Maximum number of participants: 30

Creators:Réka Fazakas, Kriszta Kedves, Noémi Noya Szántusz, Zsuzsanna Tatár, Péter Varga

Composer: Péter Visky

Production Manager: Apollónia Bilibok

Marketing: Vaida Cynthia

Drawing: miszlik.

Poster design: DBA - Division Boutique Agency

Opening date: 10 June 2023, 6 pm


The presentation has limited seating, we can accommodate 30 people in total.

Hungarian, without translation.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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