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Filme de dans, 30 minute

INHABITED | PETEC @STAGIUNEA CORP Filme de dans, 30 minute

PETEC proposes three films created within inHABITED project, that approaches and explores the theme of (in)habiting.


Directed by: Smaranda Găbudeanu 

Music: Vlaicu Golcea, Kinga Ötvös

Dance: Benno Voorham,  Mădălina Dan, Svitlana Pashko, Simona Dabija, Denis Bolborea, Laura Vlad

Image, editing: Răzvan Bumbeș, Daniel Drăgoescu, Tania Cucoreanu, Benno Voorham

Make-up: Vera Cîrlugea

Man tries to tame space, to domesticate it. When it becomes safe enough, it can extend. The limits of the body become one with the limits of the space. No matter how much you seal it, or saturate it with your own self, the space where you live is still permeable. Through its pores, things from outside come inside. Until one day, when you wake up being inhabited by something else...

The film inHABITED brings forth personalities of the Romanian and European dance scenes, together with emerging artists, in a bold and original edit, showcasing their new possibilities, unknown before.

The cinematic approach intercepts every movement of thoughts and emotions, coming up with a choreography of inner spaces, enabled by sound compositions.

EXIT | 4'40''

Directed by: Alice Mureșan 

Choreography: Alice Mureșan, Ioana Ofelia 

Music: Vlaicu Golcea, Kinga Ötvös

Dance Anna Bölöni, Alexandra Bob, Alice Mureșan

Editing: Ioana Ofelia

We are farther and farther, but still connected in a variety of ways. Our connections remain strong, regardless of space or situation. No matter how much we fight to keep the distance, something will always draw us back.

The film EXIT, created by Alice Mureșan starting from a given soundtrack, showcases powerful images, doubled by a message connected to a current social context. Dance becomes a way to challenge the seer to relocate within his/her own relation to the everyday. It is the result of a performance-intervention in the public space, that softly integrates the movements of the collateral performers, the passers-by, the people present in that moment, improvising unconsciously, just so that the performers transit afterwards towards their daily roles.


Directed by: Smaranda Găbudeanu

Music: Irinel Anghel

Image and editing: Răzvan Bumbeș

Make-up: Vera Cîrlugea

 ”When you're alone, the voices in your head can be heard very loud, at times aggressively, the windows sing to you, the walls talk to you and the other way around. What lies beyond?”

BORDERLINE, the soundtrack proposed by Irinel Anghel for the silent dance film of the înLOCUIT/inHABITED competition is an excellent artistic work, creative and bold, very cinematic, rendering extraordinary emotions. Between hallucinations and frenzy, an act of a surreal nature is born, leaving room for black humor.

înLOCUIT/inHABITED is a PETEC project, supported by AREAL and financed by the Ministry of Culture. Media Partner: Radio România Cultural.

The access to this event is free, but the booking is mandatory at https://eventbook.ro/program/stagiunea-corp


The BODY Season @Online is a project initiated by Andreea Belu PFA, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Indie Box, PETEC Association, Delazero Association, in partnership with Goethe Institute, Creart through Teatrelli, Austrian Cultural Forum, National Dance Center Bucharest, Tangaj Dance & Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, European Dancehouse Network. This project is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project is not a representation of the views of the National Cultural Fund Administration. The National Cultural Fund Administration is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way in which the results of the projects could be used. The beneficiary of the funding is the sole responsible for the above mentioned.

AREAL - space for choreographic development is a collective project which aims at increasing the cohesion of the Romanian contemporary dance community, widening and diversifying the audience of this cultural sector, encouraging mobility and interconnection of those who are active in the field of performative arts, through creating a space for artistic processes. AREAL emerged in 2020 in the frame of 4 Bodies - Collective for Dance, a cultural program co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

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