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BATS – Bucharest Adventure Travel Sessions 2019



BATS – Bucharest Adventure Travel Sessions – AVANTGARDE VOYAGES edition

The third edition of Bucharest Adventure Travel Sessions will be dedicated to those avantgardists, to the ones that opened new routes in motorcycle travel and not only. Stories that you probably never heard of await you at this year's BATS: you will meet Anne-France Dautheville, the first woman to do a solo trip around the world on a motorcycle, you will watch the first film of a round the world trip by motorcycle, shot in the '30 by Robert Fulton Jr. and you will listen to the story of Dumitru Dan, the first Romanian to walk around the Earth, at the beginning of the 20th century!

Frenchwoman Anne-France Dautheville, a journalist and writer, had the courage to take on a big trip at 28 years old, becoming in 1973 the first woman to complete a solo tour of the world on a motorcycle. She travelled through Canada, Alaska, Japan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France. How did she make it? She followed the wind, as she herself confesses in the book of her journey "Et j’ai suivi le vent", republished in 2017 by Payot. But she didn't stop there. She went on travelling and writing. She made a tour of Australia, she crossed South America and later, age 60, she made another tour of France on a motorcycle, busting clichés on the way. Following her last trip she wrote "La vieille qui conduisait des motos" Payot, 2019 (The Old Lady Who Rode a Motorcycle). This year she will be for the first time in Romania and here, at BATS, she will share with us the secrets of her daring young spirit.

Twice Upon a Caravan”, the film screened at this year's edition, was shot by American Robert Fulton Jr., inventor and photographer, during his London to the Far East trip, that he undertook on a British Douglas motorcycle in 1932-1933. A sequel to the book „One Man Caravan”, published in 1937, this film was only edited in 1999, by one of his sons, producer Rawn Fulton, and has the warm voice of the ninety-year-old Robert Fulton Jr. in the background. Special Guest Travis Fulton, son of the storyteller, will arrive at BATS from the United States, to tell us about the making of this film and about the restoration of the historical Douglas motorcycle which he still owns. 

As with every edition, BATS will open with the story of a Romanian traveller. This year, with the support of Buzau County Museum, we will learn about the impressive story of Dumitru Dan, the Romanian that completed a tour of the world on foot, between 1910 and 1923. Muzeographer Alexandru Anghel will show us photos from the Museum's collection and will tell us the Jules Vernian story, that combines both gory and tragedy, of this authentic Romanian Globetrotter.

Location: FUEL by Ace Custom, bd. Expozitiei 22-30, Romexpo, entrance C.

17:00 Opening doors
18:00 Walking the Earth with Dumitru Dan
18:40 Anne-France Dautheville presentation
19:40 Travis Fulton film introduction
20:00 „Twice Upon a Caravan” screening
20:50 Networking & afterparty

Presentations will be made in English, without translation, film will be screened in original version, in English, without subtitles.

Tickets: 70 lei presale until 31.08.2019, 100 lei starting 01.09.2019 and upon admission.

Partners: Hey Moto, Ace Custom, Muzeul Județean Buzău, Institut français de Roumanie, PeMotoare.ro, WIMA Romania, Peugeot, 4Riders.ro, Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide, Heavy Duties, QP Pub
Event by Asociatia Scoala Calatoare

BATS – Bucharest Adventure Travel Sessions 2019 AVANTGARDE VOYAGES edition

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