30 Jul 2020

A Felliniesque Cluj: the 2020 Image Campaign

Cluj turns into a charming, old-school Felliniesque set, populated by seductive characters and surprises, in the image campaign for the 19th edition of the Transilvania International Film Festival (July 31-August 9). Classic scenes inspired by the great Italian auteur Federico Fellini are adapted to the local context and spiced up with Transylvanian humor in a story of creative block inspired by 8 ½ and signed by the British-Romanian duo Anton and Damian Groves.

An homage to one of the most influential directors in the history of cinema, who is at the center of this years’s retrospective selection Close-up Federico Fellini, the campaign marks 100 years since the birth of the Italian master with tender humor. Actor Alec Secăreanu (God’s Own Country) is the protagonist of the official black and white spot featuring paparazzis, masked priests, vintage cars, carnivalesque characters, and spectacular frames which capture the city from above, from a safe social distance. The official poster, launched in two versions — an exuberant version and a melancholy one — features beloved star Monica Bârlădeanu in an unmistakable reference to La dolce vita.