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20 Jun 2022

TIFF Talks with Kai Brand-Jacobsen: A World Beyond War

Make films, not war is the message of the 21st edition of TIFF, and in tune with this urge, A World beyond War - the discussion on Monday at TIFF talks, will bring to TIFF Lounge, mister Kai Brand-Jacobsen, President of the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR). His dialog with the public will be moderated, starting at 17:00, by Alexandra Iacob, Communications & Global impact leader.

What are the main causes of conflicts and how could they be managed without recourse to violence? Is it possible to have a “world without war”? International expert in mediation and peace processes, who has worked in the toughest war zones in the world for the past 20 years, Kai brand-Jacobsen proposes to TIFF viewers a discussion aimed at understanding the war, especially the current conflict in Ukraine, providing examples of contexts in which violence could be prevented.

A key element in peace-building is “creativity,” and in Monday’s discussion, the President of PARTIR will highlight how cinematic art could help us understand war, conflict and how it can be managed.

Access to the event organized at TIFF Lounge (Unirii Square) will be free, subject to the availability of seats.