17 Jun 2023

The Kid

This year, in the section dedicated to special screenings, we bring out from the trunk of memories a film that evokes the historical foundations of Romanian cinema. We're talking about the movie "Piciu" (1985), starring Horațiu Mălăele, which will receive the Excellence Award at TIFF.22. The film features many important figures such as Victor Rebengiuc and Dorel Vișan and will be presented for the first time in its original form, with the uncensored ending.

Based on a screenplay written by actor Mircea Diaconu, the film is a depiction of events that unfold during a vacation trip involving a group of children and their teachers. From the homogeneous crowd of children, one of them stands out. His name is Piciu, and paradoxically, what sets him apart is nothing exceptional, but rather a combination of an imaginative mind, courage, and, above all, the fullness of life, as one would expect from any child.

Although Piciu is praised by his peers, his story is far from being an inspirational one, but rather a cautionary tale. Unbeknownst to him and due to unfortunate circumstances, the child attracts the negative attention of an educator obsessed with eradicating dreams and laziness, believing that life is hard, and the sooner one realizes that, the better. Mistakes are also judged without nuances.

However, Piciu's tragedy lies in the fact that what happened to him doesn't even fall into the category of mistakes. A bear came, and the little boy stayed there while the others ran in fear. His courage, however, is seen as dangerous and needs to be stopped, regardless of the means. The public message sells a noble cause, a fight against misinformation.

Therefore, the film "Piciu" represents a subtly disguised yet intentionally evident affront to the "comrades" in positions of authority, a historical imprint that documents how creations emerge despite the abuse of power and serves as proof of the power of imagination.

Saturday, June 17, 16:00 Cinema ARTA